For Clients

What is involved when I become a client of Lifestyle Nutrition and Health?

Barbara replies...

Clients are seen on an individual basis, couples and family groups. At the first consultation I carry out a Complete Nutritional Assessment. This session takes approximately one and a half hours. I collect information about your health and medical conditions, family health history, height/weight (Barbara has ‘state of the art ‘ bio-impedance computerised scales which accurately measure muscle mass, fat mass and hydration), body measurements, blood results, activities, current eating patterns and lifestyle situation at home and work.
I assess this information and tailor make an eating and activity plan specifically for you. This is developed to address all the information I have gathered so the plan is specific and relevant to you. I aim for this plan so that you can achieve and maintain results in the long term in an enjoyable and interesting way.
I am happy to liaise with GPs and other professionals if you would like me to.
I have clients from many parts of Auckland and the North Shore and I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

Email Barbara today for an appointment on or call her on 0274 777 115.
Barbara offers flexible time for appointments so we can always find a time to suit you.